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I believe that a good
Communications strategy
is like a good cake; 
it takes effort
it's well layered,
and it's perfectly palatable to all persons. 


This is me

Entrepreneur • Writer/Blogger • Communications Specialist • Cook/Caterer • Student • Creator


My name is Julian Harlin. Currently, I am a full-time student at the University of North Texas at Dallas while acting full-time as a Digital Correspondence leader with Louis Vuitton (LVMH North America), professionally. In my personal life, I operate a food blog and offer catering and communications services to local entities and growing businesses. This is my life force, and life's calling. I am glad to share with you. 

Content  Writing 
Campaign Management 

 Customer Service   Social Media

Events Content    Blogging

Creative Initiatives


It is believed that if you're given an idea, you will be given an audience.

It's up to the individual, however, to build the bridge between the two. ​That is where Strategic Communications comes into play, bridging that gap. The trouble is that many people simply do not understand how to share their vision very well, neither are they knowledgeable of the methods and mediums available to accomplish such. There are countless individuals who are just one good word, one message, one graphic or phrase away from achieving their goals and meeting their audiences.


I wish to be instrumental in this process of bridging the gap -working to manifest what has been invested into an individual, and assisting with articulating the vision for the purposing of sharing their gifts with the world...or, at least, their own corner of it. 

Created Content

Below, you will find a collection of content which I have created for both personal and academic purposes. This content would include video productions, blog posts and websites.  

Recent Blog Posts

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